Winter solstice

I am half of Earth’s revolution around the Sun away from departure. In six months, when the Sun will shine 24 hours a day north of the Arctic Circle, I’ll leave Inuvik, in Northwest Territories of Canada, with the goal of reaching Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Map.

A lot of things happened in the last months, starting by putting online this website. Continue reading

Who had this crazy idea?

I have a friend who once described me by saying that if I wasn’t traveling, I was planning the next trip. He wasn’t totally wrong, and this time, it was even worst: I was traveling and I was already planning the next one.

January 2011. I was finishing a student exchange term in Barcelona. It’s from this little balcony of a room on Las Ramblas, that I have rented from a friend for a few weeks between my autumn flat and upcoming European adventures, that I took the decision to leave again the next year. Speaking now with more fluency Cervantes’ language, there were no more reason of not doing it. Before it gets too late. It might have been Christopher Columbus, at the end of the street, who convinced me…

I unfolded the maps an drew a line. Not along the west coast, but through the mountains. Why do something simple when we can make it complicated? Continue reading