Supporting the CycloExpedition also helped Equiterre.

CycloExpedition Americas proudly supports Equiterre’s action. Since Équiterre develops projects in order to foster responsible consumption, to encourage responsible farming, to promote sustainable transport and to fight against climate change, 50% of each donation, up to $ 150 per donation, was given given to the organization.

In June 2014, I happily gave back 2,203.30 CAN$ to Equiterre thanks to your donations and sponsors.

Even though the agreement with Equiterre is over, it is still possible to make donation to the CycloExpedition Americas project.

But why? Even if the adventure on the road is over, it’s not the end for CycloExpedition Americas. I have the project to create a documentary movie to make travel conferences. It won’t be just a «copy-paste» of the web videos made along the road. It will be an all new edition with a longer storyline, using some of the things you’ve seen but a lot of the material that has never been shown in those videos. Buying musical rights, better editing tools and profesional help is planned.

If you do not want to make an electronic transaction, you can fill out the form accessible by this link and I will contact you in order to process the donation by cheque or other means.

Beyond money, your words of encouragement and advice will always be welcome. Leave your comments here, after the articles on the blog, or on the Facebook page!

If you are an organization or a business which would like to be partner of CycloExpedition Americas, click here!


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