Noticias de Jörg

Aqui esta un texto (en inglés) de Jörg, encontrado por casualidad y con quien compartí la ruta dos meses, desde el territorio del Yukon hasta cerca del parque nacional de Yellowstone. Su aventura sigue en dirección de Salt Lake City y San Francisco, por el desierto del Nevada, para eventualmente seguir la costa oeste estadounidense y mexicana. ¡Quizás vamos a encontrarnos otra vez por casualidad en América Central!

After 69 days of “sharing the road” with Etienne, we separated. It was a long time together like a long time married couple.

From now on I have to “socialize” with the people by my own. Not that I have to be always nice like Etienne. I still don’t care, but I have to talk. Sometimes it’s annoying to tell always the same story to an American trucker. Also I have to organize all the Warmshower or Couchsurfing stuff. I was traveling with a very good tour guide – I see it now. But thanks to Etienne, he joined me to all these communities. By the way: he can cook! His crepes are delicious! So he was the man for the CS/WS hosts when we did dinner. As a kitchen slave like me its now difficult to come around… maybe I can have his secret receipt about making these crepes.

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