Report: Ecuador

DisfruteThree little weeks, two of them sitting on the bicycle, were necessary to cross the little Ecuadorian Republic influenced by Chavez’ 21st century socialism. In so little time, I crossed 8 times the Great Continental Divide, without doing too much detours: the PanAmerican go straight in the Sierra, going around volcanoes. The highest snowy peaks were hidden behind clouds, as I haven’t been lucky for the weather.

Letters and numbers

From July 7th to 28th 2013
22 days, 15 of them on the bicycle
Rainy days: 17
1,203 km, overall total: 18,950 km
8 crossings of the Great Continental Divide
2 flat tires
80.23 km per bike day in average (54.70 par total day)
Average speed of 13.1 km/h
Largest day: 116 km
Shortest day: 43 km
Fastest day: 17,1 km/h
Slowest day: 8.0 km/h
Maximum speed: 86.9 km/h

Where to sleep?

I slept only once in commercial lodging, so I won’t be able to talk about price and quality. If Ecuadorians are less hyper socials and a little bit more discreet than Colombians, they will nonetheless help you out if they can. Continue reading

From Colombia to Ecuador through the Amazonian basin


I haven’t used it often in the last months, but it lately took back all its utility. I took out my little blue jacket to protect myself from the cold in the high mountains around Pasto. Almost no wrinkled while it was pack as a ball in my luggage, it then served right to protect me from the rain. Lower, it was getting to hot, sweating more inside than anything else, so it was better to refresh from the Amazonian rain, but back in the mountains in Ecuador, the rain will go on, and I will be happy to be protected from this fresh Andean wind.

Nudo Andes

Leaving Cali and its valley already with nostalgy, I was throwing myself in what people here call “the knot”, the place where the Occidental Cordillera meet the Central one (the Oriental and the Central merged a little bit more North). Here I am in this mountainous mess, on a road trying its best to find a way to climb (and go down, and climb again) in this labyrinth. Continue reading