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El Grande Norte : Chihuahua and Durango

Zooum! ¡Bienvenidos en Mexico!

Changes hasn’t been as drastic as we could think: ranches, cow-boys and big trucks, all that is still there south of the United Statian border. However, we were surprised to discover active villages where people walk outside, where small business are everywhere and where we easily found fruits and vegetables to feed us well. The only difficulty was to find white gas for the camp stove, but as I have the International version, I can use it with other fuels like gasoline, even though if it is a little less clean for the stove.

Many times people in USA tried to afraid us about Mexico and we did well not to take it for granted. Even if Chihuahua is reputed for not being quite stable, it’s western part, where we were, if way more calmer. We never felt uncomfortable so far about where we were and who we were with. People are super friendly and curious about what we are doing and help us a lot to find us a place to stay for the night.

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