Thank you. Thanks to you.

Thank you. Thanks to you.

Thank you for letting me go in France while I was still a minor. It contaminated me to travel and helped being the person I am.

Thank you for saying to me so many time: «you’ll stay small». It makes me say that, each time that I undertake something, it is not to become bigger than anybody.

Thank you for giving us a roof for a few days. The gain of energy is thanks to you.

Thank you for stopping on the side of the road to bring us to Moncton with our broken bicycles. The day finished on a better note.

Thank you for making me taste it. Indeed, it’s quite good.

Thank you for respecting the choices I made. Hundred times I could have lost your friendship, but on the contrary, it became stronger.

Thank you for throwing me out of your car in the middle of Australia. I certainly wouldn’t have ended up in the northwest of the country sleeping under the star with people much more nicer than you.

Thank you for initiating me to this job. The work experience quickly became a life experience.

Thank you for listening to me, even if I wasn’t able to find the words in your language to say it.

Thank you for having me made this tour of the Kimberley. It oriented my professional choices.

Thank you for recommending this hostel in San Francisco after my job over there. Those few days of resting put me back on my feet.

Thank you for persisting being here. Even if you are not there anymore, I would have been somewhere else away from me today.

Thank you for letting me know that they wanted to fire me. It made me look more actively for other opportunities and reminded me that an employer cannot be more faithful than its employees.

Thank you for writing me after your departure. Never we would have seen each other again.

Thank you for bringing me to this library in New York. It made me know you better.

Thank you for being my classmate during this comeback at school. Those three years would have been less lively.

Thank you for driving me from Quebec City to Montreal. I met the person who host me on my first days in Barcelona while I was looking for an apartment.

Thank you for convincing me to go to university, while I wasn’t seeing why I would go there. Now I understand.

Thank you for not having too much anger toward me. Barcelona forged us.

Thank you for speaking to me in this class in Spanish. I wasn’t still able to put three words in a row, and you helped me a lot.

Thank you for staying yourself. For nothing in the world I would have like you to change.

Thank you for abusing my naivety at the beginning of this trip in Istanbul. Others wasn’t able to do the same later, thanks to you.

Thank you for hosting me. I didn’t know where I would have been.

Thank you for telling me to join you in Belgrade while I was wandering in Romania. This moment and those following in the Balkans went straight to my heart.

Thank you for making me discover your German birthplace, which is also my father’s one. I was able to bring him back memories he didn’t have time to get.

Thank you for giving the key to your apartment in Paris. I wouldn’t have been able to discover the city that way.

Thank you for cheering me up about my projects. Your advices, your listening and your ideas enlighten me.

Thank you for calling me back to give me this job that I refused at first. It is not everyday that someone tells you that you are the one needed and I wasn’t realizing the magnitude of the opportunity.

Thank you for letting me go, while trying not to seem to worried. It doesn’t work that much, but I appreciate.

Thank you for bringing me to your world. You know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.


Thank you. Thanks to you. More I am getting older, more I say to myself that you are never served better than by yourself, that you cannot trust people. The little exercise I did today put me back on the ground. I wouldn’t be that way without you. I live from those extraordinary encounters.

That the upcoming adventure can go on the same way.

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