Thanks to…

The team from Panadería La Unión in Tolhuin, Argentina, which is hosting cyclists at the end of the world since many years now.

Omar and his family in Río Grande, Argentina, who under the recommendation from their daughter in Québec open their doors to two tired cyclists.

The employees of the Puestos Fijos, in Argentina, who without a doubt help cyclists passing by, only to give water or offering a roof for the night or even food.

Jorge and Boris who keep up with two busy and wonderful casas de ciclistas on the Carretera Austral in Chile.

Sebastian, who under the recommendation of Juan, opened his quiet house and his world in La Angostura, Argentina.

Alicia and the family in La Mina, Chile, to have helped and supported us while we were going through the consequences of the accident.

Flavio for having being able to help me in Santiago, as much for letting me sleep forever in his apartment after a long road segment as for taking care of my equipment while I wasn’t there.

Lito, Gabriel and the family in Quelón, Chile, who at first offered me water, to eventually getting invited for a warm meal and a bed after only a short conversation.

Antonio who send me my Swiss knife by mail after I forgot it to his place in Belén, Argentina.

This French travelling by car out of Cachi, Argentina, who gave me his sunglasses while mine broke the day before, on this dirt road with the wind (and the sand) whipping my face.

This German couple travelling on 4WD on the Ruta Andina, Chile, that made my travel in this remote part easier.

Christian and his devotion maintaining this casa de ciclista in La Paz, Bolivia.

Those family managing restaurants or gas station in Peru that let me spend the night without worries.

This old man, nostalgic about his immigration years in Canada, who hosted me in Baeza, Ecuador.

Manuela and all the family who took care of me in Medellín, Colombia, and after recommended me to many of her brothers and sisters on my way South in Pasto, San Francisco and La Hormiga.

All those people in Costa Rica that made my two weeks over there a dream: Pablo, Walter and his family, who made me having a great time in Pital; those woman inviting me for breakfast and lunch while on the road; Marco and his soccer field in Siquirres; Rafael’s family in Cartago and his friends in Heredia; Hugo for the tour of the rainforest near Cerro de la Muerte; Reina who take care of my comfort, camping behind her grocery store; and finally but not least, Rodney, in San Vito, this cyclist who first host me but then saved me from trouble finding a new rim for me, inviting me to his house again and fixing all that for me.

The neighbors of the Sandinista Party in Belén, Nicaragua, who seeing me setting up my tent close to the office, invited me to their house, fed me, and told me about this bike shop that were able to fix my wheel problem.

Paco Villa, à Potonico, El Salvador, who offered me food and a hammock to spend the night.

All those people met in Mexico that host us like that while they were just meeting us : this park guard in Guerrero who opened a room behind the public toilets; the judge in Encino that opened what’s used as a prison; Ramón in Posta Jihuites who set up a camp for us under a pick-up roof; Felix in Corrales that opened the community hall; Dolores in Canatlán that invited us to sleep in her store; Raúl, firstly met in Northern Canada that invited me to his house in Celaya; Concepción in Maravatio, who without hesitating invited me to her house.

Sam, in Hachita, New Mexico, this «trail angel» who take care of cyclists and hikers going through is almost ghost town.

To this unknown person who own Toasters House, given to hikers and cyclists going to Pie Town, New Mexico.

Karen, in Santa Fe, for her joie de vivre under the house that she gladly let us stay for many days.

Veteran Bob and his family in Southern Colorado, who fed me, let me warm up and give me food for later on this cold day.

Margie, in Hahns Peak, who invited me to stay at her ranch and made me having a wonderful experience the next day meeting the kids of the village’s elementary school.

Eric, in Butte, Montana, for his engineering on my new rack’s camera support.

Chuck for his «modest» roof in Banff.

Clayton, improvised host in Dease Lake.

Josie-Anne and Rovic in Whitehorse, who opened their motorhome for me.

Lisa and Guillaume, where I spent an amazing week in Dawson City and then invited me to Nicaragua.

Claude in Whitehorse, who took care of me while transiting in Whitehorse on my way North.

Pablo, for the help translating the first articles in Spanish.

Regina, for the electronic music samples.

Rémi, for the logo.

All the people met on or that hosted me. Not only they permitted me to rest, but also made me learn about and appreciate local culture. Some even recommended me to friends or family to meet later on the road. Thanks for everything. Hopefully I’ll be able to host travellers like that as soon as possible.

All those cyclotourists I shared the road with. The exchange of information, tricks and sometimes material give to bicycle travel a community spirit through its players that I wasn’t expecting so strong. We can easily figure out how the world is small belonging to that.

Donators who help me go through all those kilometers : N. Royer, J. Laughrea, B. Mathé, D. Mallah, Beatrice, K. Streelasky, M. Côté, R. Théroux, M. Goyette, G. Pomerleau, M. Pomerleau, M.-E. Théroux, M. Bobinski, I. Vychemirski, L. Poulin, M. Aubé, J. Lacasse, L. Pettigrew, F. Landry, L. Royer, M. Sagué, V. Palmieri, Y. Cournoyer, M. Turgeon, N. Pomerleau, A. & E. Cosgrove, J. & N. Monismith, C. & P. Cross, M.-A. Plante, P. Fortin, F. Mercker, X. Hanitov, C. Normand, M. Gagnon, J. Lussier, T. Antil, M. Gauthier, N. Fortin, M. Théroux, C. Théroux. Donate.

All the people who believe in my crazy projects.

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