Report: Central America

Paisaje GuatemalaSummarizing 6 countries in one blogpost will be hard, so I’ll keep it straightforward. I spent almost 4 months in those countries which together represent less kilometers than in Mexico. My days were slower, I stopped more often, amongst other things to do some volunteering and visit friends and family on vacation there. Some mechanical problems slowed me down, as well as those wonderful encounters building up my trip. Actually, this is not slowing down : it’s discovering, learning, living.

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Mexico: report

Mexico heads

The first bike-paddle strokes in Mexico were the first ones in Latin America, which will be of the rest of the trip, but still, it was for sure North America. We heard a lot of stories about Mexico (mainly from United Statians!) and discovering it by ourselves was a pleasure, where I never felt uncomfortable and even less in danger. Even though I made less kilometers than in USA or Canada, I spent more time in Mexico, stopping more often, longer time.

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United States : report

A second country is over! Canada and United States were by themselves almost a third of the journey. English language is now behind me and I am starting a brand new step in the Latino-American world. I went from one extreme to an other in United States, from mountain to desert, from heat to frost, from pristine air to forest fire. Two months of travel with Jörg finished near Yellowstone, and after a month by myself on the road, I am pleased to greet Pablo, who is joining for the next adventures from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thanks to Arkel for contributing for a set of panniers for Pablo!

Numbers and letters

United States
From August 31st to November 11th 2012
73 days which 48 of them spent on the saddle
4033 km, odometer’s total : 8579 km
37 crossings of the Continental Great Divide
3 flat tires
16 days waking up in a frosted tent
84 km per biked day in average (55 per total day)
Average speed of 16,8 km/h
Biggest day: 128 km
Shortest day: 37 km
Fastest day: 23 km/h
Slowest day: 9,5 km/h
Maximum speed reached: 73,5 km/h

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Canada : report

From June 20th to August 30th 2012
72 days which 50 of them on the bike
On the bicycle computer: 4547 km
8 crossings of the Continental Divide
3 flat tires
90,93 km in average per biked day (63,15 per total day)
Average speed: 17,6 km/h
Biggest day: 153,67 km
Smallest day: 7,60 km
Fastest day: 23,0 km/h
Slowest day: 11,2 km/h
Maximum speed: 67,6 km/h

Map :

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