News from Jörg

Here is a text written by Jörg, met by chance and which who I shared the road for two months, from the Yukon Territory to close from Yellowstone National Park. His adventure goes on toward Salt Lake City and San Francisco, via the Nevada desert, to eventually follow the US and Mexican West coast. Who knows, maybe we will meet again by chance somewhere in Central America!

After 69 days of “sharing the road” with Etienne, we separated. It was a long time together like a long time married couple.

From now on I have to “socialize” with the people by my own. Not that I have to be always nice like Etienne. I still don’t care, but I have to talk. Sometimes it’s annoying to tell always the same story to an American trucker. Also I have to organize all the Warmshower or Couchsurfing stuff. I was traveling with a very good tour guide – I see it now. But thanks to Etienne, he joined me to all these communities. By the way: he can cook! His crepes are delicious! So he was the man for the CS/WS hosts when we did dinner. As a kitchen slave like me its now difficult to come around… maybe I can have his secret receipt about making these crepes.

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