Report: Central America

Paisaje GuatemalaSummarizing 6 countries in one blogpost will be hard, so I’ll keep it straightforward. I spent almost 4 months in those countries which together represent less kilometers than in Mexico. My days were slower, I stopped more often, amongst other things to do some volunteering and visit friends and family on vacation there. Some mechanical problems slowed me down, as well as those wonderful encounters building up my trip. Actually, this is not slowing down : it’s discovering, learning, living.

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False start and true surprises in Panama

Panama CiudadI was leaving Costa Rica telling myself that I would like this country to be bigger, so I could stay longer. Well my wish kind of got real as I had to go back there from Panama and spend a few more days. And that’s my bicycle that played the nasty one.

It’s been only a few hours since I was in Panama, entering by the easy going border town of Rio Serreno. So quiet that the money changers, those men walking around with a huge pile of cash from both nations and US dollars, aren’t even there. Continue reading