Cuba by bike 2018: top 5 best road segments

In April, I got, with my friend François, the opportunity to fly to Cuba to bike 2,600 km in 6 weeks of discoveries on the socialist island. If more and more blo posts can be found about how to travel by bike in Cuba, this one is more with the aim to give some inspirations, showing the best road experience we got, in order to help you build your own adventure.

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2017: Back on the Saddle

Three years after finishing this North-South adventure through the Americas, it’s quite a stretch that only in 2017 I got back on the saddle. For the job that keep me busy since 2015, I switched my heavy touring bike for light titanium bikes. Even though I also bring United Statian tourists on walking trips as well, cycling is still an important working element on Biking trips or MultiAdventures trips which mix cycling, walking and other activities: Continue reading

What to become two years after?

Fin Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

About almost two years ago, a last downhill was bringing me into the port town of Ushuaia, southernmost Argentinian settlement on the Beagle canal. Sometimes I forget about it, sometimes memories hit me back in the face. Oh, yeah, true, I cross the Americas by bike! I had more than 30.000 km behind me, shared with about thirty people met on the road or in the biggest of the solitude. All those kilometres put on a map look like that: Continue reading

The 10 best roads in the mountains of the Americas by bicycle

Here is my best-roads-segments top 10 of this crazy adventure. You’ll find here different sceneries that were the most eye-opener, the most jaw-dropping places, where the most “wow” were shout. I would recommend those places to anyone who would like to wander on a bicycle, walking, in a car, on a donkey or whatever else in the continent’s mountains.

You’ll find the maps of all the following roads by clicking here.

10. Dempster Highway, Northwest Territories and Yukon, Canada

Dempster Highway

This is where everything started. Even if I wanted to cycle through the continent’s mountains, I initially planned nice little paved road to bring me South. Therefore, starting by a 700-km trip on gravel on Canada’s northernmost (and quite remote) road kind of contaminated me. If afterward I was putting my life harder by taking dirt roads, it’s Dempster Highway’s fault, which seduce me with its low traffic and infinite landscapes. This road crosses a quite nordic forest, vast toundra zones and two mountains ranges. Two river crossings are done by ferry. Points to get food is rare, except a few Natives villages in the northern part of the road. Halfway, an island of wannabe civilization (restaurant, camping, shower, garage) can help, without being able to buy food supplies. But if you prepare well, this Canadian Great North road will amaze. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent.  Continue reading